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We, that's Esther and Gerd. Just like you, we are looking for innovative and affordable products. These are to improve your everyday life and leisure and make life easier, as well as beautify and bring joy!

We think that you will find a very good selection of exquisite products on various topics in our shop. These are personally tested for quality and function. Only the best products make it in our shop. Your customer satisfaction is our top priority and is important to us!

True-to-life images, good product descriptions and transparent delivery information await you while browsing through our shop - iTrail. Your fast way to buy innovative products on various topics with a fair price-performance ratio.
Your purchase will be delivered to you directly from the Far East. For this reason, we can offer you the products very reasonably priced. The delivery times of the individual products vary slightly. This means that if you buy several products, they will have different delivery times.

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